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Asterizk Course Timetable 2017

Duration Course Venue & Date
4 Days Negotiating PPP Models / Joint Ventures and Project Agreements, Contracts and Tendering for IWPP/IPP/PPP Dubai, United Arab Emirates
13th to 16th Nov, 2017
Negotiating PPP Models and Joint Ventures
How to negotiate public private partnerships and joint ventures from a utility or government viewpoint
Steps in establishing a successful PPP (or joint venture) a methodical approach
Identifying potential partners setting evaluation criteria
Structuring the negotiating team and overall process
Key terms and conditions to consider in the PPP or JV Arrangement
Structuring and negotiating legal agreements for a PPP and other contracts
Negotiating PPP Models and Joint Ventures
Negotiating strategies and techniques
The need for a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU, especially during the early stages of a Joint Venture
How to deal with tough issues and deal breakers'
Why many PPPs and JVs fail key success indicators
Finding the win/win arrangement
The Joint Venture Agreement key terms and condition
Management roles throughout the negotiating process
Project Agreements, Contracts and Tendering of IWPP
Contractual framework for successful PPP and general contractual framework for GCC
Tendering Process for an IWPP
Tendering for EPC and O&M Contractors
Tendering issues and overall timelines
Bankable Agreements and uniqueness of Power and Water Agreements
Risk Allocation From Off Taker and Lender's perspective
Financial Evaluations Payback, Accounting return and IRR
Agreements Key clauses and principles for Renewables and Power and Water projects
Project Agreements, Contracts and Tendering of IWPP
Tariff Mechanism, Payment Process Key Terms and Conditions
Penalties and liquidated damages
Fuel Agreements and Energy Conversion
EPC Contract and O&M Agreements
Usufruct and Land Lease Agreements
Shareholders and Direct Agreements
Shared Facilities Agreements