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Asterizk Course Timetable 2017

Duration Course Venue & Date
5 Days Integrated Project Financing and Financial Modeling for Power and Water Projects (IWPP/IPP/PPP/DC/ Desalination/Waste Water) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7th to 11th May, 2017
15th to 19th Oct, 2017
Project Financing
Introduction, Expectations and Reviews of PPP
Project Financing Vs Standard Financing & Basic Financing Principles
The Importance of Leveraging, Cost of Capital
Interest Rates Simple & Compound, Effective Interest Rates
Discounting and Time Value of Money, Other Financial Factors
Various Applications & Implications of Project Financing
Key Features of Project Financing
Project Cash Flow Assumptions Setting up PPP's, Cash Flows for a Typical PPP, Key
Components and Cash Flow Estimates
Financial Evaluators: Net Present Value (NPV) and Benefit Cost Ratios (BCR)
Financial Evaluators: Payback, Accounting Returns and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR)
Project Financing
Risks of Project Financing, Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Project Risks
Securing Project Financing, Role of Advisors
Ownership Structure for Project Financing, Key Project Agreements
What makes a Project Bankable, Term Sheet and Provisions
Costs of Project Financing, Debt Underwriting & Syndication, Other Sources of Financing
Overview of Islamic Financing - Islamic Financing for PPP
Equator Principles to Sustained Lending
Case Studies in Project Financing
Financial Modeling
Overview of model design: what it can do and what it cannot do. What the model simulates and key drivers. Typical issues or questions the Model can answer: from Utility's perspective; from the bidder's perspective. Setting up the data: key information sheets and PPP assumptions. Overview of each data sheet, reporting and output format, financial statements.
Financial Modeling
Step-by-Step Model Simulation - Part 1
Model simulation of a typical infrastructure PPP. PPP Project structure and where key assumptions are input. Populating the Model and carrying out the simulation. Results interpretation. Tips on model simulations and important aspects of the process.
Financial Modeling
Step-by-Step Model Simulation - Part 2
Various model simulations in response to key issues from two perspectives: the government or utility's perspective (eg: expected tariff, impact of subsidy, impact of charging customers different tariffs, overall PPP cost, etc) and bidder's perspective ( eg: lowest bid tariff, expected returns, total profit, revenue risks, impact of financing charge, etc). Summary and conclusions. Clean copy of financial model.