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Asterizk Course Timetable 2017

Duration Course Venue & Date
3 Days Senior Management High Level Training Program for Power and Water Projects (IWPP/IPP/PPP/ DC/ Desalination / Waste Water) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3rd to 5th Apr, 2017
12th to 14th Sep, 2017
The PPP Model and its Structure in Power and Water
The PPP model, with specific reference to the power and water sector and why it is so successful in this sector. Key features of the models used throughout the GCC, with particular focus on the Omani and Abu Dhabi Models. Advantages and disadvantages of each model. Approaches taken by other countries: Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Qatar and Bahrain.
Implementing and Managing an IWPP/IPP/IWP
How the model was implemented in the Sultanate of Oman. How social issues were addressed during the implementation process, including those directly involved (employees) and customers who were affected by the new power and water structure. Issues in transitioning from a public organization/structure to privatization. Role of Executives and Government during the process. Managing timelines and expectations.
Lessons Learned
What makes for a successful transition to a PPP structure? The dos and don'ts during the transition process top 10 areas to address. Problems and issues encountered by utilities throughout the GCC in adopting the PPP model in power and water. Common mistakes made. The traits of a successful implementation process.
Trend in PPPs for Power and Water
How the PPP model is evolving throughout the GCC. What seems to be working and what is less successful. Implications of Saudi Arabia's current policy initiatives for PPPs in power and water. Some tips and suggestions on how to approach and implement PPPs in the Saudi Arabian social and economic environment. How to benchmark the design and implementation process.